Other Activities

The Causeway Initiative has its genesis in the Northern Ireland peace process and many of our associates played a key role in the negotiations that resulted in historic agreements being reached. It is this knowledge and experience that we wish to share with others who are emerging from conflict or seeking to find a peaceful settlement in their country or region.

Whilst our work in Northern Ireland continues, the Institute has also been involved with a number of projects in other conflict zones and have participated in dialogue at various levels. Our aim is to promote peace-building and conflict resolution/prevention through the sharing of our experience and the application of key principles of democracy and non-violence.

Previous projects and events in which members have taken part include dialogue with parties from the Iraqi Parliament, work with civil society groups in Kurdistan, mentoring politicians and officials in Cyprus, the Balkans, hosting visits from a number of Middle eastern countries. We have partnered with the Arab Network for Tolerance and the Westminster Foundation for Democracy in sharing our experience of developing human rights and restorative justice with civil society partners from 11 countries across the MENA region.

More recently our Chairman has been facilitating dialogue sessions with groups from Columbia, Israel/Palestine and in the Ukraine and Moldova. We also have a major programme of activity in Bahrain that we are in the process of expanding. We are presently planning further projects in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.

CIPCR International is also building effective partnerships with the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs and the European Union in order to assist them in their conflict resolution and reconciliation activities.

We remain engaged in this field of work and together we hope to make a difference in securing a safer, more peaceful world in the 21st Century.