CIPCRI Delegation visits Egypt


Our Chairman and Director recently visited Egypt to discuss support to political and civil society groups there. Causeway is working with a number of institutions in Egypt to consider how to enhance the capacity of evolving political parties, to support the government in undertaking security sector reforms and developing civil society.

A number of meetings were held with the Egyptian Ministers and officials, the British Ambassador and his team and the leadership of the Nahda Group. Our Director also visited the Upper Nile area to meet with the families of the Coptic Christians executed by IS in Libya in February.

We are grateful to Mrs Afaf Ali of Crossing the Bridge and Dr Sadik Affifi of the Thebes Group for making the visit to Egypt possible. Further announcements on our work there will follow in the next few months.

(With HM Ambassador John Casson and Dr Ayman Afifi from the Thebes Group discussing CIPCRI future plans in Egypt)

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