CIPCR to host delegations from Moldova and Transdneistria

CIPCR is proud to have been asked by the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) to host delegations from Moldova and Transdniestria visiting Ireland in the next few weeks.

The aim of the visit to Belfast is to allow the Moldovan and Transdniestrian delegations to meet political and community leaders involved in the peace process in Northern Ireland and who can share their experiences, explain how they overcame obstacles to build trust and confidence and what guarantees were needed at different stages to ensure that agreements reached would be kept and how these guarantees were expressed.  We hope that this will enable the sides to the Transdniestria conflict to approach their own conflict settlement process in a more creative way, especially now that formal settlement talks are about to resume.

CIPCR is working in partnership with the UK Ambassador and the OSCE Mission to Moldova to deliver a meaningful and illuminating visit to Northern Ireland.  Both delegations will also visit the Republic of Ireland during their trip, in order to get a ‘Dublin view’ of the peace process.  The Irish OSCE Task Force is organising that leg of the visit.  With the Republic of Ireland Presidency of the OSCE in  2012, this is a particularly important visit.

CIPCR looks forward to working with both the OSCE and the government of the Republic of Ireland in 2012, during its Presidency, in order to use the lessons of the Northern Ireland peace process to advance security and co-operation across Europe and beyond.

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