CIPCR selected by the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office to undertake new reconciliation project in Kabul

CIPCR is proud to have been selected by the FCO to undertake a project in Afghanistan to work alongside the representatives of the Afghan people and to share our experience of promoting reconciliation in a post-conflict scenario.

In Northern Ireland, we have a UK based experience of creating political stability and reconciliation in a post conflict/transitional context.  This includes the unique arrangements we have devised to protect the rights of all groups in the Assembly and an electoral system that ensures balanced representation at all levels of the legislature and executive.  We have also accrued significant experience in helping armed groups transition to full involvement with democratic politics and in reforming political parties so that they can adjust to governing in a more normal society.

The Causeway Institute brings together many of the key players in Northern Ireland politics who have been involved in peace-building and conflict resolution and seeks to share their experience with those who are in or are emerging from conflict in their own region.

The key themes that CIPCR will be promoting in Afghanistan are:

  • Building trust between political parties
  • Building trust within the community – leadership and bottom up approaches
  • Promotion of community safety, therefore building confidence
  • Zero tolerance of sectarianism – Legislating against manifestations of division such as discrimination and hate crime
  • Engagement and reconciliation programmes within and between communities
  • Dealing with those who have previously been reluctant to engage
  • Dealing with the past – rehabilitation and support for victims
  • Community participation in reconciliation – participative democracy and finding local solutions to local problems
  • Promoting greater understanding and knowledge
  • Tackling the particular challenges of the correlation between poverty, segregation and conflict
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